Monday, February 6, 2012

A Super Day

Super Bowl Sunday takes on a whole different meaning when your team is in it.  I've been a Giants fan since I was a little kid.  The memories run deep.  To non sports fans, it really is hard to explain.  The attachment to a team must seem ridiculous to those who have no team...or interest in sports.  But to me, there's nothing like a Giants Super Bowl win.  I've experienced four of them in the past 25 years and they all come with their own set of crazy stories, unlikely heroes and fantastic finishes.
This latest victory had a lot of similarities to the last with a pillow over my head unable to with that feeling in my stomach that is universally known by Giants' on my knees during the final minute of play...Eli Manning hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy and winning the MVP....and the most important thing of all....the phone call from my dad immediately after the game's final play.  Of all the things that happened during the game, the phone call with my dad, however brief it might've been, is the things that means the most.  The Giants are the one team that we agree on, the one team we both root for...the one team that we have no arguments about....the one team that brings to mind the other whenever it's mentioned.  So as time expired, I knew as I was in mid jump and mid scream and beginning my celebration, my phone was going to ring and it would be my dad.  That's what a sports team can can create a bond between people...related or not...that runs through a life and creates memories that will never be forgotten.
I loved that game...because I loved the outcome.  It was an unbelievable game. Again. Right, Dad?


  1. There are Giant fans and there are sport fans but when it comes to family dieheart Giant fans you bleed blue! During the game you just try to focus on each play, except to think how your daughter is reacting to the game, now as the final seconds were ticking off I said to mom I have to call Robin. Mom said "you can't do that It's Late", in my mine it would never be to late to let my dieheart GIANT fan daughter know how I relieved and Happy I was and to hear her own happieness. "THAT'S MY GIRL"